Max Power Turbo 15W-40 CH-4

Description and Applications :
Max Power Turbo 15W‐40 CH‐4 is exceptional high performance
diesel engine oil of the highest engine performance class API CH‐4. It is a premium quality and versatile engine oil designed for use in
mixed fleets commercial engines. It is formulated from high quality conventional base oil together with a multi‐functional additive package. Max recommends it to be used in both petrol and diesel engines, from car and vans to turbo‐charged diesel trucks and offhighway building Machinery
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Main Benefits:
  • For use in mixed fleets where rationalization is sought with
    retention of high engine protection in both diesel and petrol
    engines over long drain intervals.
  • Very good resistance against corrosion and high temperature oxidation.
  • Excellent performance under all terrain, all weather conditions.
  • Reduce fuel consumption. Superior cold start performance and efficient cold engine lubrication.


Performance Level:

  • Meets API CH4 /SJ ,ACEA E5/A3/B4
  • MB229.1 / 228.1 , VOLVO VDS/VDS2
  • MAN M3275 ,ALLISON C4 / MACK EO‐M /MTU Type2/DDC Type2
Appearace - clear & Bright
Colour, Visual Observation - Golden
Density @ 15 c , gm/ml p:16 0.8785
K.V at 100 C, cSt p:25 14.20
copper corrosion @ 100 C for 3 hrs p:15 1a
Flash point,(COC). C p:69 232
Viscositey Index p:56 145
Pour Point , C p:10-24