Max Power HYDRAULIC OIL 32, 46, 68,150

Description and Applications :
There are premium grade extra heavy duty anti‐wear oils with outstanding thermal stability and high FZG rating. These are
recommended for high pressure hydraulic systems and also for power transmission in systems operating at high speeds, loads and temperatures. These are suitable for lubrication of pumps and industrial hydraulic machinery operating under heavy loads. These are specially recommended for sophisticated high performance Electrohydraulic or Numerically systems.
More Detail
Main Benefits:
  • Outstanding thermal & oxidation stability and good service life.
  • Good anti‐wear properties and rust inhibitor.
  • Superior hydrolytic stability and excellent demulsibility.
  • Compatible with the seals commonly used in hydraulic systems

Performance Level:

  • Meets the specification requirements of
  • DIN 51524Part 2. ISO Type HM
  • Sperry Vickers 35VQ25
  • Cincinnati Milacron P‐68, P‐69, P‐70 Denison HF0 and HF2
Appearace visual clear & Bright
Density @ 15 c , gm/ml 1298 0.884
Viscositey Index 2270 125
Viscosity @ 100 C (cSt) 445 19.0
Pour Point C 97 -30
Flash point,(COC). C 92 230
T.B.N mg KOH/gm 2896 11.0
C.C.S Viscosity @ - 10 C cp 5293 4200