Max Power GREASE EP-2

Description and Applications :
Max Power Multipurpose grease EP is a series of high quality, lithium hydroxy stearate extreme pressure grease. It incorporates a lead free EP additive and is for use where surfaces are subjected to heavy or shock loading. It also contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life of the grease and a high level of protection for ferrous surfaces. These greases are for use in plain and rolling bearing operating under severe conditions of shock loading all types and in all kinds of machinery‐ including electrical motors, machine tools, textile, paper making and wood working machines and construction equipment –where the continuous operating temperatures are within the specified limits . These greases can be used at higher temperatures of upto 180°C for short duration or with frequent replacement. Continuous operating temperature range for these greases: ‐20 to
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Main Benefits:
  • Long service life.
  • Low friction torque.
  • Good pump ability.
  • Resistant to wash –off by water
  • Good shear –stability and resistance to vibration.
  • High Load carrying capacity and low wear.
  • Fully compatible with other Lithium greases


Performance Level:

  • DIN 51825 KP1K/KP2K/KP3K/KP4K
Thickener Type - Lithium
NLGI Classification -3
Texture -Smooth
Color visualGreen
Dropping point °C D 566190
Worked Penetration @25°C 60 strkes D 217 265/295
Wheel Bearing Leakage after 6 hrs @ 110°C GMS D 1263<2
Water washout resistance %wt D 1264<5
Copper Strip Corrosion for 24hrs @100`c D 4048-ve