Max Power 20W-40 SL

Max Power 4T 20W-40 SL

Description and Applications :

Max Power SL is a high performance premium quality 4‐stroke
engine oil. It is superior Multi‐Grade detergent type lubricating oil
meeting the highest API performance level. Max recommends it for
all Hero, Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Mahindra & all other
Motorcycle and scooters having 4‐stroke gasoline engines.

More Detail
Main Benefits:
  • Excellent high temperature oxidation stability.
  • Excellent Anti‐wear properties
  • Excellent Viscosity temperature characteristics.
  • Low engin smoke and deposits.
  • Above resulting in extended drain interval.
  • Superior clutch friction performance.


Performance Level:

  • JASO Ma2
  • Exceeds API SJ, SH, CF
CharacteristicsRequirementTypical Figures
Appearance- clear & Bright
Colour, Visual Observation -Golden
Density @ 15 c , gm/ml p:16 0.8868
K.V at 100 C, cSt p:25 18.6
copper corrosion @ 100 C for 6 hrsp:151a
Flash point,(COC). Cp:69 240
Viscositey Indexp:56 113
Pour Point , C p:10-21