GEAR OIL Grade: 85W-140, 80W-90 Gl-5

Max Power GL-5 Grade : 85W-140, 80W-90

Description and Applications :
Max Power Gear oil GL‐5 is heavy duty gear oils meant for gears,
particularly hypoid gears, in axles operating under various
combinations of high‐speed shock loads and low‐speed, hightorqueconditions.
It is recommended for hypoid/bevel gears in rear axles of the vehicles operating under severe service conditions. It can also be used in gear boxes wherever OEMs recommend GL‐5 type Oils.
More Detail
Main Benefits:
  • Very good wear protection.
  • High safety margin against foaming and corrosion
  • Reasonable viscosity /temperature and cold flow properties
  • Compatible with all seal and metal types.


Performance Level:

    • API GL‐5
    • S 1118:1992 EP Type GL‐5} US MIL‐L‐2105D


CharacteristicsRequirementTypical Figures
Typical Figures
Appearace visual clear & Bright Clear & Bright
Colour-Yellow Yellow
Density @ 15 c , gm/ml 1298 0.90 0.904
Viscositey Index 2270 95 98
Viscosity @ 100 C (cSt) 445 27.5 15.5
Pour Point °C 97 -9 -27
Flash point,(COC). °C 92 224 210
Brookfield Viscosity
Max temp for
Viscosity of 1, 50,000 CP °C
2983 --26